Effects of Composted and Powdered Bones Meal on the Growth and Yield of Amaranthus cruentus

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Dilruba Yasmin
Md. Zulfikar Khan
Shaikh Motasim Billah


A pot experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of composted and powdered bones meal on the growth and yield of Amaranthus cruentus on Pirojpur soil series during the period of 25th March to 15thMay, 2017. The experiment was laid to fit a completely randomized design (CRD) with seven treatments [control (T0), 2 g chicken bone powder/pot (T1), 2 g mutton bone powder/pot (T2), 2 g beef bone powder/pot (T3), 2 g chicken bone compost/pot (T4), 2 g mutton bone compost/pot (T5), and 2 g beef bone compost/pot (T6)] each having three replications for this experiment. After plants were harvested, the laboratory investigation was carried out. Yield contributing characters like number of leaves, root length, shoot length, fresh weight, dry weight and moisture content were significantly (P <0.05) influenced by different treatments. Among the seven treatments applied, T6 treatment (2 g beef bone compost/pot) has shown the highest response to plant growth due to the nutrient availability of the soil. The sequence of response was in the order T6>T5>T4>T2>T3>T1 and significantly (P <0.05) difference in plant growth from the control (T0).

Effects, chicken bone, mutton bone, compost, growth and yield response, moisture content, Amaranthus cruentus

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Yasmin, D., Khan, M., & Billah, S. (2018). Effects of Composted and Powdered Bones Meal on the Growth and Yield of Amaranthus cruentus. Asian Journal of Research in Crop Science, 2(3), 1-9. https://doi.org/10.9734/AJRCS/2018/45241
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