Improving the Productivity of Some Varieties of Lentil Growing under Salt Stress

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Khattab E. A.
Elham A. Badr
M. H. Afifi


Aims: The aim was to study the interaction and effect of gibberellic acid (200 ppm) between indole acetic acid (100 ppm) in order to follow their effect on the productivity of 5 lentil varieties (Sinai 1, Giza 9, Giza 370, Giza 4 and Giza51) known to be affected by salt stress in Sinai.           

Study Design:  The experiment was conducted as split plot design having varieties in main plot and IAA and GA3 in subplot.

Place and Duration of Study: The place of Research was "Production Station, Maghara at North of Sinai government, that follow Desert research center, of the ministry of agriculture, Egypt during the two successive seasons (2014/2015 and 2015 / 2016, respectively). The duration of the study was between June 2009 and July 2010 at Medicine (Medical Unit IV) and Department of Radiology. Services of Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS) and Hospital Lahore.

Methodology: The soil was prepared. The Seeds covered with a thin layer of soil, sown and watered. Three weeks later, the developed plants were thinned. Finally, the plants collected after 110 days of growth. Growth, yield and chemical contents determined.

Results: The results showed that application of IAA+GA3 substantially improved plant growth for all verities of lentil. Giza51 under treatment of IAA + GA3 give the highest value of plant height and dry weight of the plant. Giza4 variety with IAA+GA3 surpassed another verity of primary branches/plant. Whereas Sinai1variety with IAA+GA3 treatment surpassed in number of pods/plant, however, Giza370 surpassed in secondary branches/plant compared with other varieties and treatments. The hormones IAA and GA3 were applied individually as well as in combination (IAA+GA3) showed a significant increase in plant height, number of branches/plant of verity Sinai1, number of seeds/plant, number of pods/plant of verity Giza 370 and biological yield ton/ha of verity Giza 4.

Conclusion: The concentration of GA3 (200 ppm) is increase grain yield of variety Giza 4 and seed yield/plant of variety Giza 51. The combined dose of GA3+IAA showed a significant increase in all chemical and minerals contents in seed cultivar of Sinai 1 compared with other varieties.

Salt stress, improving productivity, lintel varieties, GA3 ad IAA, Sinai

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E. A., K., Badr, E., & Afifi, M. H. (2018). Improving the Productivity of Some Varieties of Lentil Growing under Salt Stress. Asian Journal of Research in Crop Science, 2(3), 1-10.
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