Assessing the Impact of Phosphorus 30C and 200C Potencies on the Growth and Yield of Pisum Sativum (Green Pea)

T. Surekha *

Department of Community Medicine, MNR Homoeopathic Medical College, India.

P. Anusha

Department of Community Medicine, MNR Homoeopathic Medical College, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Pisum Sativum is one of the commonest crops grown in India. Therefore, increasing the yield of green pea plants without harming the soil with chemicals are important. In places wherever there is deficiency of phosphorus in soil resulted in decreased production of green pea plants. The parameters were analysed by using statistical tool ANOVA test. The Conclusion derived from the study was Phosphorus 200C has significantly influenced in the growth and yield of Pisum Sativum plant in regards to Height of the plant, Number of Pods per Plant, Length of the Pod, and Number of Seeds per Pod.

Keywords: Pisum sativum, phosphorus, commonest, green pea plants

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Surekha , T., & Anusha , P. (2024). Assessing the Impact of Phosphorus 30C and 200C Potencies on the Growth and Yield of Pisum Sativum (Green Pea). Asian Journal of Research in Crop Science, 9(1), 50–65.


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