Influence of Organic and Inorganic Manures on Macro-Nutrients, Micro-Nutrients and Anti-Nutrients in two Amaranth spp in Kiambu Couny, Kenya

Kariithi Tabitha, Thagana Wilson, P. Gweyi-Onyango Joseph

Page: 1-17
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Genetic Parameters and Stress Tolerance Index for Quantitative Traits in Barley under Different Drought Stress Severities

E. F. El-Hashash, A. M. Agwa

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Effect of Breeding on the Growth and Yield of Cucumis sativus (L.)

C. V. Ilodibia, U. A. Achebe, S. N. Udeorah, C. U. Arubalueze, C. E. Okoye

Page: 1-7
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Comparison of Different Sets of Primers Used in Detection and Identification of Potato Soft Rot Pectobacteriumcarotovorum subsp. carotovorum (DYE1969)

I. Abu-Obeid, H. Khlaif, N. Salem

Page: 1-12
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Interaction Effect of Growth Regulators and Irrigation Schedules on Growth and Yield of French Beans in Kiambu County, Kenya

Ikiba L. Kalawa, Wekha N. Wafula, Nicholas K. Korir, Joseph Gweyi-Onyango

Page: 1-8
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