Effect of Soil Enhancer (XXL) and Fertilizers on the Morpho-Physiological and Yield Attributes of Brri Dhan28 (Oryza sativa L.) In Boro Season

Kamal Uddin Ahamed, Md. Saidur Rahman, Md. Wadud Faruk, Md. Sazzadur Rahman, Md. Anisur Rahman

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Effect of NPK Fertilizer and Animal Manure on Some Biometric Parameters of Irish Potato Solanum tuberosum L. in Bougham, West Region Cameroon

Tange Denis Achiri, Tsague Zambou Stella Michele, Christina Nsuh Konje, Dominic Kumbah Njualem

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Phytochemical Properties and Antimicrobial Activities of Aqueous Extract of Curcuma longa (Turmeric) Rhizome Extract

Zakki Yula Hosea, Liamngee Kator, Egwu Helen Rhoda

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Growth and Yield Variability in Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.) Cultivars Infected with Cowpea Aphid-Borne Mosaic Virus and Southern Bean Mosaic Virus

E. W. Mamman, M. T. Salaudeen, A. C. Wada

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Effect of Organic Preservatives on Postharvest Shelf Life and Quality of Tomato Fruits during Storage

Liamngee Kator, A. C. Iheanacho, Kortse P. Aloho

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